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Osaki Master Massage Chair 4d

Osaki Master Massage Chair 4d

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Alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation using the Osaki Master 4D+. This new revolutionary massage chair provides advanced features such as a thorough shoulder massage, muscle tension detection, and zero gravity positionings, which can be utilized with the Osaki Premium Master app or a call to Alexa

The Osaki Master Massage Chair 4d is an expertly designed piece of furniture that is sure to provide comfort and relaxation. This massage chair offers four-dimensional massage capabilities matched with an innovative SL Track system for targeted comfort. With such features, this massage chair ensures a personalized experience and long-lasting results.

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Thorough Shoulder Massage

The Osaki Master 4D+ proudly introduces the first ever over the shoulder massage using airbag compression that rotates and moves like real hands. There area total of 10 individual airbags that synchronize to deliver a soothing massage.

Shoulder Massage Nodes

There is an extra massage node on each side of the shoulder pad to emulate an element of a hand massage on your shoulders.

4D+ Massage Mechanism

The Master is a four-dimensional massage chair with 4 levels of intensity and 5 levels of intensity, strength, and speed. The Master is also efficient in spot-treating or partially massaging the back area.

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