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Inada Robo

Inada Robo

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Three-dimensional movement is enabled by combining the mechanism up to the second joint of the finger and AI. The Robo pleasantly treats the entire arm with a "firm massage" by the AI ​​hybrid mechanism. Air cells on the armrest gently support the entire arm, relieving muscle stiffness. It can be moved up to 17 cm, allowing massage of various arm lengths. Robo delivers a powerful and deep massage while providing a quiet massage experience. After selecting the massage mode, the next step is to select the massage area. Choose from neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, hips, arms, calves and soles. The footrest provides a massage tailored to your foot size. While applying pressure to the soles of your feet, the rollers rotate back and forth to adjust the acupressure points. The Robo uses air to keep the feet from moving and applies pressure to the soles of the feet to retain the force.
  • AI Hybrid Mechanism
  • Analysis by Artificial Intelligence
  • Facial Recognition
  • Noise Reduction Dome
  • HD Speakers with Tutorial
  • Flat Bed Recline Position
  • Rhythmical Massages
  • Automatic detection of shiatsu points
  • Three-dimensional motion like human hands
  • Five-finger kneading massage
  • Very Quiet Massage
  • Made in Japan
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